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Why Aston?

The goal of our classes is to help students develop their ability to speak and listen to English in real-life situations. Aston bases its classes on communicative activities that focus on everyday and academic language and aim to develop the core skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. AIA's language courses provide an excellent springboard for developing vital language skills by using activities that directly mirror what people do in the real world.

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Our Success

AIA has many success stories that we are proud of! Our students have used the English they learned at AIA to get jobs and promotions, to become US citizens, and to become a part of the world-wide community of English language speakers. Additionally, hundreds of our students have gone on to study at US colleges and universities, including Austin Community College, University of Texas, Texas Tech, MIT, Purdue, University of New Mexico, University of Illinois, Boston Architecture School and University of Utah.

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